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Disputes arise as an unfortunate consequence of commercial life. We understand that managing disputes is stressful and can divert valuable time and resources away from your businesses’ objectives for growth and success. Also, if expert advice is not sought at the earliest opportunity, it may damage your businesses’ reputation.

How does our Business ​Dispute Resolution Team help?

Our main objective is to help you avoid litigation. We have a creative and innovative team who will advise you on the merits and prospects of success. We will provide a bespoke solution and a commercial strategy to resolve the dispute. We will work with you to manage that strategy; taking the stress away from you; and settling it as soon as possible.

We will keep costs to a minimum by exploring alternative methods of funding; and will often share the risk of costs with you.

Our team is recognised in the Legal 500 and can provide advice upon all kinds of commercial disputes.

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Services we offer

  • Business Injunctive Relief

    There may be times when urgent action is required to stop a person from taking a particular action or to force them to do something. An injunction is a Court Order which will achieve this. Often an injunction is first sought without notifying your opponent. The purpose of this is that the status can be preserved until the dispute is brought before the Court.

    Interim injunctions are obtained, for example:

    • to prevent the use of confidential information;
    • to freeze bank accounts and/or pursue assets worldwide;
    • to enforce restrictive covenants;
    • to prevent a continuing breach of contract;
    • release of goods; and
    • preventing the sale of land

    An injunction is a temporary remedy until a final order is made. Applications for injunctions are often made upon or shortly after the issue of proceedings. In exceptional circumstances, injunctions can be applied for before proceedings have been issued, provided that proceedings are commenced shortly thereafter. Applications for injunctions can be expensive and are potentially a high risk strategy, as the Court will require you to undertake that you pay your opponent's losses incurred as a result of the injunction, if at trial it is found that you were not entitled to that injunction.

    At Spratt Endicott we have extensive experience in applying for injunctions and are able to advise you on whether an application for an injunction is appropriate and on the risks involved.

  • Application of Judicial Review
    Public sector organisations are accountable to the general public for their actions. Failure to properly exercise powers or duties may be challenged by way of a Judicial Review Application to the Court. Proceedings will be put before a Judge who will consider whether a public body has breached its duties or exceeded its powers. If it has, then the public body's decision may be quashed, or it may be compelled to take or refrain from taking certain action.

    At Spratt Endicott we have considerable experience of both bringing and resisting applications for Judicial Review. From our experience, it is expedient to act quickly and our department is used to organising its resources to give you immediate assistance.
  • Professional Negligence
    It is an unfortunate fact of life that professional advisors do not always get things right. You may find that you have suffered loss as a result of negligent advice given to you. At Spratt Endicott we have experience in pursuing professional negligence claims against all types of advisors, such as solicitors, accountants, financial advisors, architects and surveyors etc.

    You may have suffered loss due to the bad financial advice of a financial advisor; a surveyor may not have accurately identified faults in a property; an accountant may have failed to advise you on professional tax liabilities. These are the areas where we can assist.

    Your dispute will proceed under the Professional Negligence Pre-Action Protocol and we have the technical knowledge and experience to guide your claim through this procedure

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