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    The Benefits of Effective Inheritance Tax Planning

    by | Aug 02, 2016 |
    It has been reported in the news this week that Treasury receipts from inheritance tax increased by 22% in 2015/16 compared to 2014/15 to a record £4.7 billion. This is mainly due to an increase in house prices in recent years, and means that many more families are paying inheritance tax than has historically been the case.
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    To Sue Or Not To Sue? Part 5

    by Pete Gardner | Aug 02, 2016 |
    So, dear friends, I come to the fifth and final article in this amazing series which looks at what you can do to try to extract money from a stubborn business debtor.
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    Beware the Competition!

    by Catherine O’Riordan | Jul 28, 2016 |
    The Competition and Markets authority (CMA) is the body responsible for enforcement of competition law in the UK. In recent years the CMA has paid particular attention to anti-competitive behaviour in the area of online sales.
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    Brexit and Employment Law

    by Carol Shaw | Jul 27, 2016 |
    Much has been made in the media about Brexit and the changes this will mean for employers. However change is a constant for both employers and employment lawyers, whether we are in Europe or not. It will take some time, nobody knows how long, for this country to extricate itself from its membership of the European Union. During this time we are still bound by the treaty provisions and I do not anticipate any immediate changes to employment law due to Brexit. Further, although there may be some tinkering around the edges, I do not see any future radical changes to the employment rights for employees as a result of Brexit.
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    Protecting Consumer Pre-Payments When Retailers Go Under

    by Petra van Dijk | Jul 26, 2016 |
    What can happen if your prepayment is lost is demonstrated by the recent administration of budget tour operator Lowcostholidays. The company’s administration left customers already abroad at risk of being asked by hotel owners to settle their bills before leaving and meant that other customers lost deposits paid for holidays which will now, sadly, not take place.
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    Can Settlement Discussions with Employees be Used in Subsequent Tribunal Proceedings?

    by Carol Shaw | Jul 26, 2016 |
    In the case of Faithorn Farrell Timms LLP (a surveyors’ practice) and Mrs S Bailey (an office secretary) the Employment Appeal Tribunal considered the admissibility of some without prejudice discussions that took place when the employer and employee were in a dispute over whether the secretary’s part-time hours could continue.
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    Brexit and its Effect Upon Contracts and Disputes

    by David Whiting | Jul 21, 2016 |
    On 23 June 2016 the UK voted to leave the EU. The current legal framework will not change until negotiations between the UK and the EU are finalised but there will be an impact upon the following:-
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    A Helpful Guide to Probate

    by Julia Routen | Jul 20, 2016 |
    When you have to face the sadness of a death in the family, you then have to address all the paperwork and arrangements that must follow. This is not easy, especially at a time when you may not be feeling up to it. We hope that (whether or not you then decide to use our services) the following will be of assistance:
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  • Litigation

    Quicker and Cheaper Litigation

    by David Whiting | Jul 18, 2016 |
    If only I could advise my clients that I could guarantee quicker and cheaper dispute resolution through the Courts. The issues which put off clients taking claims are often the costs of litigation and the length of time taken to come to trial.
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    Attention – This Article is Not About Brexit or Political Party Leadership!

    by | Jul 14, 2016 |
    It is however about key things you can do to ensure your family is protected in the event of a disaster personal to you and which will be important regardless of what happens in the next months and years* because, as the famous saying goes, “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”.
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