Sandeep Sandhu

Sandeep Sandhu
  • Banbury
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  • Family Law
  • Sandeep joined the Family Law team at Spratt Endicott's Banbury office as a Solicitor in February 2015, having moved from Leeds, West Yorkshire.
  • In June 2017, Sandeep was promoted to Associate.
  • She has practised Family Law since 2006, and has worked for various leading law firms in the West Yorkshire region.

Work Highlights

  • Sandeep deals with all aspects of Family Law, but particularly enjoys working with parents to resolve disputes involving children. She has experience in representing clients at court in relation to various aspects of Family Law.
  • Sandeep addressed the Legal Aid Practitioners Group conference in 2010, sharing her insights about a career in law with law students and young lawyers.
  • She can speak fluent Punjabi, and prides herself on resolving matters pragmatically for clients at a time when they are distressed.
  • Sandeep recently provided advice on family law issues as a guest legal advisor on the international radio station BBC Asian Network.

Professional Memberships and Interests

  • Sandeep is a recommended lawyer in The Legal 500 UK 2017 
  • Sandeep is a member of Resolution.
  • In her spare time, Sandeep enjoys travelling, and watching sports such as cricket, football and tennis.

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Case Studies

  • International Relocation of a Child

    Sandeep acted for a mother who was seeking to permanently remove the parties’ only child (aged 11) from the jurisdiction and relocate to a non-Hague Convention country. She had been offered a job abroad and wanted to pursue it. The father, on the other hand, objected to the move.

    The parties were married; however, they were involved in an acrimonious divorce. Unfortunately, negotiations between the parties had broken down and therefore, lengthy negotiations through solicitors took place. The mother was clearly struggling with the stress of having to seek an Order from the Court as the father continued to refuse his consent and raised various concerns, all of which were addressed and worked through.

    Sandeep was able to put forward all the relevant case law to the father, who conceded, and eventually a Consent Order was obtained, enabling mother and child to commence their new life abroad without lengthy and expensive Court proceedings.

  • Pre-marital assets and divorce settlements

    Sandeep had acted on behalf of a concerned husband in regards to a divorce from his current wife. Sandeep had also previously assisted the husband in obtaining a Child Arrangements Order, confirming that the child from the marriage would live with him and the wife would be allowed contact.

    The husband, had, in his sole name, the former matrimonial home as well as a property bought prior to the relationship commencing with his current wife. This was a relatively short marriage and was followed by a very hostile divorce. The wife in this case, sought a share from the pre-marital assets as well as a share from the former matrimonial home. Even though the husband had put forward various offers to settle the matter at an early stage, the wife was adamant that she was entitled to a share to the pre-marital assets.  Valuations were obtained in respect of both properties.

    During the valuations, the wife had filed an application to Court, while unfortunately, the husband had been struggling with the continual fees and was finding himself more and more in debt as the matter progressed. Sandeep had worked closely with the husband’s Barrister and through prompt and effective negotiations; a fair settlement was obtained which kept the pre-marital assets intact.

  • Special Guardianship Order in Children Act Proceedings

    Sandeep was approached by the maternal grandparents in a case where they had been caring for their daughter’s daughter for a few years.  Initially, the mother of the child had flexible contact and would regularly visit with her daughter; however, she began demanding that the child be returned to her. The child objected, as did the grandparents and an Emergency Prohibited Steps Order was obtained to prevent the mother of the child from removing the child from the care of the grandparents.

    Unfortunately, despite a Child Arrangements Order confirming that the child would continue living with the grandparents, the child’s mother refused to accept the decision and a few months later, decided to pursue matters once again.  An application for a Special Guardianship Order was then lodged, that enabled the grandparents to have the ultimate decision in respect of the child, as the mother of the child was making it extremely difficult with regards to the child’s GP and school choices.

    Thanks to Sandeep’s in depth knowledge of the case and her ability to gather detailed evidence in support of the case, the SGO application was successful and the grandparents now enjoy their new-found security in the health and well-being of their grandchild.

  • Settlement of Jointly owned assets in a marriage

    Sandeep acted for the husband in a matter in which he and his wife jointly owned the former matrimonial home as well as three other rental properties. This matter was extremely acrimonious and the wife was adamant that she would be taking the matter through the Court forum to a final hearing. It was apparent during the exchange of financial disclosure, that it was likely to be a 60/40 percent split of assets between the parties, in favour of the husband.

    Although various proposals for settlement had been put forward, the wife refused to accept any. The wife was also extremely hesitant in making offers and the matter eventually went to a final hearing, which did indeed end with a 60/40 split.  The key issue in this case was agreeing the values of the parties’ assets.

    Sandeep’s client had been advised correctly as to the outcome of the case and his expectations managed in such a way that a realistic outcome had been outlined to him very early on in the case.



  • Sandeep Sandhu was is a very helpful and understanding person who cares for her client. The whole of Spratt Endicott staff were exceptionally helpful through out my experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Spratt Endicott to any future potential clients.

    Family Law Client - Mr P
  • "We are so grateful to you and your team at Spratt Endicott for all the help during the past two years. Everyone was kind and supportive and we felt that nothing was too much trouble. You gave us the confidence to keep going."

    Family Law Client
  • "Spratt Endicott have been fantastic. Their service was professional, caring and efficient. I would not hesitate to use them again. Highly recommended."

    Mrs K Venning

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