For many children, normal family life is only possible through adoption. An adoption agency’s main concern is whether an adoptive parent can offer a stable home for a child - both until they grow up and beyond.

Children are eligible for adoption if:

  • They are under the age of 18
  • Have never been married

On adoption a child becomes a full family member (as if they had been born to their adoptive parent or parents).

Am I eligible to adopt a child?

To adopt a child, you must be both:

  • Over 21
  • Able to provide a permanent, caring and stable home

You can apply to adopt a child whatever your sexuality, religion or race and whether you are single or married. Since January 2006, unmarried couples are also able to adopt a child jointly.

Getting in touch  

For more information on any aspect of adoption please email Patrick Mulcare or Gemma Davison Alternatively you can contact us by telephone on 01295 204000.