Financial and Property Issues

Resolving financial claims between divorcing or separating couples is a key part of our work.  Where possible, we endeavour to pursue effective negotiation outside the Courtroom. We adopt a robust attitude to contested proceedings whenever this is not possible.

What kind of cases do you deal with?

Our team deals with a wide range of financial cases ranging from very limited asset cases to those of very high net worth. Our highest value case to date involved assets worth in the region of £20 million. We are equally comfortable acting for the financially stronger spouse or the party in a weaker position, and always seek to find an efficient financial solution to your problem.

Spratt Endicott offers a fully managed service to negotiate a financial settlement or guide you through the Court process if necessary. We can provide you with as much or as little legal support as you may require.

What procedures does Spratt Endicott recommend?

Initially, and in accordance with Resolution protocol, we recommend the open and amicable pursuit of financial disclosure (i.e. production of all financial details). Where this is not feasible, we recommend issuing Court proceedings.  This has the benefit of:

  • Setting a timetable
  • Requiring both parties to ensure all their financial information is provided
  • Ensuring there is a binding and enforceable outcome

When negotiations fail to achieve the necessary outcome regarding the division of capital assets and provide for sufficient ongoing income, an application can be made to the Court. This can be done rapidly if there is an urgent requirement for maintenance, for example. We can then assist you throughout the Court procedure.

We always recommend that divorcing couples obtain a court order within their divorce proceedings, in order to:

  • Record any financial matters agreed between them and make them binding and enforceable
  • Conclude their financial relationship as far as possible

Your alternatives to Court proceedings

Other solutions exist to negotiating your financial settlement apart from Court proceedings. The most obvious may be discussing matters directly with your spouse or partner.  If that is not possible you should investigate mediation.

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