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Gender dictates what UK homebuyers want, location for men, space for women

by TLA Direct | Oct 26, 2015

Women looking to buy a home are most concerned about the space within a property, while men’s decisions are governed by the home’s location.

Both put their differences aside and agree in equal measures that a strong broadband connection is key, according to new research from Santander Mortgages.

A women’s home is her castle as the fairer sex value a homes indoor space above all else, with nearly one in three women (31 per cent) looking for a home citing space as their priority.

Women also said having access to a private outdoor area is a necessity (15 per cent), compared to only seven per cent of men.

In contrast, the “location location location” mantra seems to have more sway for men, with their responses revealing they are more concerned about factors outside the home itself.

One in five male homebuyers cites proximity to green space as the most important thing when buying a new home. Men are also more concerned about proximity to work (35 per cent) and being close to public transport.

Graham Sellar, Head of Business Development, Santander Mortgages said: “The research shows distinct differences when it comes to what women want versus their male counterparts.

“Men are most interested in what they can do and where they can go outside the home, whereas women are more concerned with the bricks, mortar and space within.

“There is a lot to think about when buying a property, trying to manage the different priorities can add another challenge to the process.

“We want to support people when looking to secure their dream home, whether a first time buyer, a mover or just looking for a better mortgage.

“We urge people to seek independent advice, either online or through a mortgage advisor to ensure they get the best mortgage to meet their individual needs.”

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