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  • The Pitfalls of Will-making

    Dec 03, 2013
    A Will is probably the most important document you will ever sign, so it pays to get it right. I would urge you to instruct a solicitor, preferably a member of STEP (the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners), rather than a Bank or Will writer who are, in my experience, far more expensive than solicitors, less qualified and, particularly with Will writers, I would go so far as to say under-qualified and often uninsured if and when things go wrong.
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  • Death – Getting a Good Deal

    Oct 07, 2013
    Not only are we bombarded with gloomy stories in the media about the cost of growing old but now we cannot even die in peace - the latest flurry of articles in the papers are reporting that the costs associated with dying are spiralling upward. In Banbury and the surrounding area we are lucky to have some funeral directors that offer good value for money and who provide a professional and sensitive service. As a solicitor acting for bereaved families, I would say that in my experience the entire cost of a funeral including death notices, burial and cremation fees, averages between £2,000 and £3,500.
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