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Spratt Endicott Solicitors is a nationally recognised law firm with offices in Banbury, Bicester and Brackley.

Spratt Endicott has been based in Banbury since 2002, and in 2014 expanded its operations to Bicester and Brackley. All of our solicitors are happy to travel to any office at a client’s convenience, and we provide a full range of legal services to commercial and private clients.

We want to delight you with excellent service and value, and provide you with the best possible legal solutions.

Always eager to meet your legal challenges

Spratt Endicott clients expect the highest levels of service, value and expertise and we are always eager to meet this challenge. Our team is enthusiastic, determined and takes a very positive attitude to everything we do.

Our commitment to good value solutions

Everyone at Spratt Endicott will work hard to help you meet your objectives by delivering effective, good value legal solutions. This quality is based on our commitment to the specialisation of our lawyers and investment in systems.

It’s our firm belief that a positive working culture is crucial for giving you the highest levels of service. We believe in promoting respect, inclusion and diversity​.

Why clients choose Spratt Endicott

Our commercial and private clients choose us for our exceptionally high levels of service, value and expertise. It’s our ongoing commitment to meeting client demands that motivates our team and informs our culture.

Clients look to us for experience, promptness, efficiency, keenness and availability. We are very enthusiastic, determined and love to help you with your legal issues.

What you can expect from our team

We only recruit capable individuals who want to deliver good value, effective solutions to clients. Team members are scrupulously fair and take all client relationships very seriously. We take for granted that clients will take their relationships with us seriously in return.

Clients we work with

Commercial clients include local, national and international businesses. We count a number of household names and brands in our portfolio.

Private clients include many high net worth and titled individuals.

Proud of the expertise we offer you

There are good leaders in every department, and we are proud of the services we offer you. Learn more about our team by visiting the people section.

Spratt Endicott is a modern law firm and we offer a number of interactive online services.

Legal Alliances

To help deliver you the highest possible client service, Spratt Endicott is a member of a number of legal alliance organisations.

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Learn more about the team and our specialist knowledge by visiting our people section.

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