International Expertise

Our membership provides us with access to lawyers who can guide us through legal processes abroad and offers our clients seamless and cost-effective international legal advice and assistance, whenever required.

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Our membership with Law Link enables us to offer:

  • International coordination of legal services
  • Multi-national expertise and advice
  • Cost effective information exchange

How it works:

Law Link was established in 1995 to coordinate various independent member offices of accredited law firms within the European Union and to promote an easily accessible international legal advice.

Our membership enables our solicitors to get in touch with member firms and ask for guidance on matters that fall within the member’s country. The benefit of this contact is the connection to a wider base of international expertise. Questions and requests relating to property information, company records or whether certain documents need notarisation can be answered quickly and free of charge. When required, cost effective legal assistance is also available.

Law Link members

“The idea behind the organization is to establish a network of professional lawyers with offices in major business and financial centres. Legal services are solely provided by the member offices, which are legally independent and separate enterprises that have no further connection beyond the network activity. The structure is predicated on an extensive exchange of legal know-how, mutual confidence and an established uniform quality code.” Marcel Bataillard.

Members take it in turn to host annual meetings, during which members get together and which meetings include lectures of general interest as well as court visits, thus providing not only an opportunity for members to get to know each other, but also to learn more about the member states’ legal and court systems.

How our clients benefit from Law Link

With our membership to the Law Link network, we are able to offer our client’s the necessary access to other legal systems within the European Union and beyond. Competition law  is a European-wide issue and in today’s global world, more and more business dealings and agreements are cross-border.

Through Law Link we were recently able to assist one of our corporate clients  with advice provided by French lawyers in relation to a supply contract it had entered into that was governed by French law. In turn we successfully assisted a client of a German member to recover a disputed debt from an English customer. ​

In a recent Family Law case, we referred our client to a Law Link member in Portugal, who acted without delay in processing a Financial Order. Our client received reassurance from the Law Link member, the Financial Order would be recognised without issue in Portugal.

Get in touch

Associate, Petra van Dijk is the Spratt Endicott representative for Law Link and attends the annual member meetings. For more information on Law Link and our membership, visit the Law Link website or contact Petra van Dijk by email, or by phone on 01295 204159.

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