Standard Terms of Business

When considering standard terms of business with you, our first thought is to make sure that these terms are incorporated in every transaction you enter.  This can be achieved in a number of ways, depending on:

  • The nature of your business
  • The paper trail which is currently in use or which could be put into practice economically

Quotations,order acknowledgements, the website, price catalogues and credit application forms can all be relevant. We have detailed notes for clients on this subject.

Understanding your requirements always comes first

The content of the terms themselves are obviously important. We have, of course, a comprehensive range of precedents for this type of legal/commercial document - as indeed for other trading agreements.

However, our first priority is to establish exactly what your commercial practice is, and what your requirements are. 

This is particularly important with standard terms of business. Effective limitation of liability for a seller or provider of services will depend on reasonableness. This in turn can only be judged by reference to your actual business.

Why presentation is important

We understand that our clients value their relationships with trading partners, and want to avoid terms of business that frequently produce protests from the other party.

That’s why we work hard with you to ensure that the terms both:

  • Protect you

  • Are readily understandable and reasonable

Getting in touch

To learn more about the Standard Terms of Business Service we can offer your business, please contact John Spratt on 01295 204115 at

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