Contractual and Commercial Disputes

Even with the most carefully drafted contracts there may arise some form of dispute. Disputes are more common when there is no formal written contract or where a contract fails to set out all the relevant contractual terms as thought agreed. At Spratt Endicott we have a wealth of experience within many industrial sectors and have the expertise to help you resolve your dispute.

Our experience includes:

Sale of Goods and Supply of Service Agreements

Disputes arise when goods or services fail to comply with contractual specifications, are of unsatisfactory quality, unfit for purpose or simply supplied late. Our team has a wealth of experience to assist.

Agency Agreements

Commercial agents are becoming a more common basis to appoint individuals, businesses or companies to sell goods on behalf of their principals. The legislation is based upon directives from Europe and can be highly complex and full of difficulties. Our experienced team can guide you through the issues and relevant legislation.

Distribution Agreements

Disputes relating to distribution agreements often arise when one party distributes goods in a geographical territory upon an exclusive basis. Our team has the experience to advise you in respect of exclusive distribution agreements.

Breach of Warranty Claims

Warranties arise in many different contractual scenarios. In a contract for the sale of goods or services a warranty may be given as to performance or quality or indeed such a warranty may be implied by statute. Alternatively, where a business has been sold, the seller will almost always provide the buyer with a series of warranties as part of the contract for sale. These generally relate to aspects of the business of which the buyer has little knowledge and so is reliant upon the seller to provide a warranty as to the true position. These cases often involve establishing first that breach of warranty has taken place. Once that has been done, it is necessary to calculate the loss suffered as a result of the breach of warranty. This can be a very complicated process and often involves the instruction of an expert witness in order to value that loss. At Spratt Endicott, we have considerable experience in dealing with such claims, and are able to ensure any breach of warranty claim is dealt with swiftly and appropriately.

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