Training Courses - Helping your business to succeed

Why train staff?

To survive and thrive, businesses need to be ahead of the pack, and training is necessary to achieve this. Regular and up to date training of employees avoids claims, saves money, motivates employees, and ensures your business is a success, providing a real and immediate return on investment.

Spratt Endicott's Employment partners, Carol Shaw and Philomena Price, have extensive experience of conducting these training sessions for staff at the employer's own premises throughout the Midlands, London and the Home Counties.

Whilst training can take place at our Banbury offices, the majority of companies prefer for us to deliver the training in-house at their premises. The benefit to this approach is that we can train large numbers of your staff in a single session, therefore representing good value for money. Each course is designed to be delivered on a half day basis, although we can extend any course to a full day to include roleplay if desired. Our costs are reasonable, transparent and based on your needs.

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Case Study - Invopak Packaging

Click here to read a recent case study that demonstrates the benefits and return on investment that employment training had when delivered to a company's management team.

Getting in touch

For more information on our Employment Training Courses and a free discussion, please contact Carol Shaw, Director and Head of Employment Law on 01295 204140 or email Carol at