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Why train staff?

To survive and thrive, businesses need to be ahead of the pack, and training is necessary to achieve this. Regular and up to date training of employees avoids claims, saves money, motivates employees, and ensures your business is a success, providing a real and immediate return on investment.

Spratt Endicott’s Employment partners, Carol Shaw and Philomena Price, have extensive experience of conducting these training sessions for staff at the employer’s own premises throughout the Midlands, London and the Home Counties.

Whilst training can take place at our Banbury offices, the majority of companies prefer for us to deliver the training in-house at their premises. The benefit to this approach is that we can train large numbers of your staff in a single session, therefore representing good value for money.Each course is designed to be delivered on a half day basis, although we can extend any course to a full day to include roleplay if desired. Our costs are reasonable, transparent and based on your needs.

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Our Training Courses

Case Study: Invopak Package

The Objectives

The different dynamics of our various depots and departments, combined with the logistics of having many employees on the road for much of the working week, can present unique challenges for our management team. We have worked hard in recent years to clarify and unify our Purpose and Values led culture and working practices, not only in our operational processes, but also the way that we manage and engage with our teams.

As a business, we feel that it is vitally important for our managers to have the knowledge and skills to lead their teams confidently and deal with issues in a timely and uniform way. In turn, our teams should know that they are being managed fairly and consistently with the rest of the business.

The Solution

With these objectives in mind, Carol Shaw devised and delivered two excellent days of training for our management team, covering:

  • Equality and Diversity – Looking at Equal Opportunities, treating people respectfully within the workplace, as well as types of discrimination and the potential impact that cases can have on a business.
  • Investigation and Disciplinary in Relation to Misconduct – Covering how to use timely, informal discussions and warnings as well as looking at how to prepare for, conduct, conclude, and record more formal disciplinary proceedings.
  • Managing Performance – Focusing on setting clear standards to guide our teams and using probationary periods and KPIs to manage performance. We looked at where problems can occur and how to deal with various examples of poor performance at an early stage, as well as how to discipline or monitor employees regarding performance.

The training that Carol delivered was full of practical examples and activities, providing clear strategies for our management team to utilise in the workplace. It focused the team and ensured we all had a common understanding of how these processes would work in practice. The sessions allowed us to talk through scenarios and consider how we could manage situations within our own business.

The Benefits and Return on Investment

Following the training four months ago, we have seen steady improvements and progress being made in how we manage our teams. This has most notably enabled our Human Resources department to spend less time dealing with low level issues and focus instead on developing key processes and strategies for the business. It has also led to a clear set of shared expectations for our teams, empowering supervisors and managers to have conversations around all aspects of an employee’s performance and therefore building and nurturing a more productive, engaged workforce.

We also believe that this investment in training will ultimately be a cost-saving one for Invopak; as fewer issues now have the opportunity to escalate, we envisage that we will be required to spend less on external advice and support. Carol’s training has helped to develop our leadership team from a small group of senior managers, overseeing the majority of decisions, to a much larger team of leaders, who are able to confidently promote and develop our positive business culture.

Paul Littlehales, Commercial Director at Invopak

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