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  • Executors

    Pitfalls for Executors

    by Julia Routen | Jun 30, 2016 |
    An increasing number of claims are being made by the Department for Work and Pensions against estates where the deceased was claiming means tested benefits such as pension credit.
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  • working from home

    Can a Claim be Brought Against an Employer who Refuses to Allow a Mother to Work from Home?

    by Carol Shaw | Jun 27, 2016 |
    An employer can be found to indirectly discriminate against an employee if the employer requires full time or additional hours to be worked in the office, and do not consider other suitable flexible working options, including working partly from home.
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  • Horse apprentice cropped

    Apprentices and the National Minimum Wage

    by Carol Shaw | Jun 27, 2016 |
    In a fairly recent case, the EAT overturned a Tribunal’s finding that trainees at a livery yard and horse riding centre were apprentices for the purposes of the National Minimum Wage.
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  • Family photo

    Surrogacy in England

    by Gemma Davison | Jun 17, 2016 |
    What are the first steps? If you are considering surrogacy, you may find it helpful to approach surrogacy charities and centres such as COTS or the British Surrogacy Centre, which can assist both with finding a surrogate and with agreeing a surrogacy arrangement.
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  • Company Commercial

    Negotiating and Managing Contracts for Security Services - Part 5

    by John Spratt | May 27, 2016 |
    The clauses relating to termination and suspension should be carefully crafted. For instance, after an examination of the background of the other company, a party may require a change of control clause, especially if control changes to a competitor.
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  • sue spratt endicott

    To Sue Or Not To Sue? Part 4

    by Pete Gardner | May 20, 2016 |
    Welcome to the fourth article in this amazing series which looks at what you can do to try to extract money from a stubborn business debtor.
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  • Open Book

    Staff Handbook - When Can You and When Can't You Change Provisions?

    by Carol Shaw | May 19, 2016 |
    In a recent Court of Appeal case (Department for Transport v Sparks and Others) the Court had to consider whether a sickness absence policy in a Staff Handbook had become a term of the contract between The Department for Transport and the Employees.
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  • Company Commercial

    Negotiating and Managing Contracts for Security Services – Part Four

    by John Spratt | May 18, 2016 |
    TUPE (as defined below) is a valuable part of almost every security contract as the seller will take on any employees previously engaged in the buyer’s security operation. Therefore, the seller will be careful to take steps to minimise its exposure to claims from the TUPE’d employees. Likewise, the buyer will want to remove his liability, especially where the outgoing provider has been at fault.
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  • Handcuffs

    Criminal Convictions – What Can You Ask?

    by Carol Shaw | May 18, 2016 |
    There is nothing to prevent an employer from asking prospective employees about their criminal record history during the recruitment process, although ideally, this should be done once a successful applicant has been chosen and the employer wishes to offer employment subject to satisfactory background checks in order to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act 1988.
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  • £5 note stack

    Modern Slavery Act 2015: An Update

    by Hitendra Patel | May 13, 2016 |
    The coming into force of the Modern Slavery Act has ensured that large swathes of the commercial world will be enlisted in the fight against slavery and trafficking as any company with a global turnover above £36 million will be required to produce a slavery and human trafficking statement for each financial year ending on or after 31 March 2016.
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