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  • Employment contract

    Employment Law - What to expect in 2016

    by Philomena Price | Jan 21, 2016 |
    A number of key employment law changes are expected in 2016.
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  • Online Law

    The County Court System – All change again?!

    by Pete Gardner | Jan 20, 2016 |
    Those of us who have the misfortune of dealing with the County Courts system in England and Wales will know that the changes over the last few years to modernise and make the system more efficient have done anything but that. The costs to use the system go up and the quality of service goes down. Trying to get anything done quickly through any Court, but particularly the County Court Business Centre or the County Court Money Claims Centre can, at times, be like pulling teeth.
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  • gavel3

    To Sue or Not to Sue - Part 1

    by Pete Gardner | Jan 08, 2016 |
    Does another business owe you some money? Are they being a pain about paying you? If so, you’re probably wondering how best to persuade them to hand over the cash to you.
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  • Only Fools and Horses

    Oh Trigger!

    by David Endicott | Jan 04, 2016 |
    The recent death of actor Roger Lloyd-Pack was very sad, particularly for those of us who remember him so fondly as Trigger. Who can forget the wonderful scene where he gets an award for having the same broom for 20 years (with only 17 new heads and 14 new handles during that time). So, Trigger has gone, he has left behind some wonderful memories, an estate of something over £1 million and a family. What he didn't leave behind was a Will. Rick Mayall died suddenly in 2014, and again, wonderful memories, an estate over £1 million, a family, no Will. Why?
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  • New year fresh start

    Separation and New Beginnings

    by Patrick Mulcare | Jan 04, 2016 |
    January is traditionally a time for new beginnings. In the New Year, many married couples, often after much careful deliberation, make a resolution to end their relationship and start afresh.
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  • landlord

    The Deregulation Act 2015 - Important Changes for Landlords

    by Kyle Wyness | Dec 03, 2015 |
    1st October 2015 saw the introduction of yet more legislation in the guise of sections 33 to 41 of the Deregulation Act 2015 (“DA 2015”) much of which adds further complication to the lettings process for private landlords wishing to let their residential dwellings on assured shorthold tenancies.
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