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    Optimising Value from Outsourced Collections

    by | Oct 19, 2015 |
    Outsourcing collections can be an effective method of recovering payment from bad debtors. In some cases the only prompting a debtor needs to pay is a letter advising them a “Debt Recovery Specialist” has been appointed.
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  • Fraud

    Abuse of Position of Trust - Lasting Powers of Attorney

    by Julia Routen | Oct 07, 2015 |
    A recent Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners’ report has given the results of a survey by KPMG. They have found an increase by a factor of 5 in fraud committed against elderly relatives. Apparently £1.7 million has been stolen by younger relatives from the elderly donors of Powers of Attorney. It seems that the fraud is most often (72%) committed by those who are over 45 i.e. those who do not feel that they need to wait for their inheritance!
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  • Wills - pen and glasses

    Forthcoming new laws to curb illegal working and protect the exploitation of migrant workers

    by Philomena Price | Sep 24, 2015 |
    With the migrant crisis being headline daily news, it should be noted that the government has published the Immigration Bill 2015-2016. This intended legislation contains proposals to curb illegal working and protect the exploitation of migrant workers, as outlined in the Queen's speech which was delivered on 27 May 2015.
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  • Social Media & Web Blocks

    Fair dismissal for derogatory comments against employer on Facebook

    by Philomena Price | Sep 24, 2015 |
    The massive increase in social media is certainly still creating issues for employers in the workplace. In a recent case it was held fair to dismiss an employee that had made derogatory comments about his employer on Facebook. This case is a useful reminder to employers of the importance of maintaining an effective social media policy and to employees of the importance of exercising caution when posting online.
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  • To Let sign

    Give us a break!

    by Kyle Wyness | Sep 24, 2015 |
    A break clause is a provision in a lease which enables either the landlord or the tenant, or indeed both, to terminate the fixed term of a lease. For tenants in particular this has been a boon during the recent challenging economic times as by exercising their break clause, they have been able to re-negotiate more favourable lease terms.
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  • Telephone and fingers pressing buttons

    Optional Extras

    by Catherine O’Riordan | Sep 17, 2015 |
    If you wish to charge your consumer customers extra for use of a telephone helpline or the provision of additional services, you will need to obtain their consent in advance.
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  • shaking hands

    Advice on Instructing a Debt Recovery Specialist

    by | Sep 09, 2015 |
    While there are smart ways to avoid the debt collection process, sometimes you have to hire a professional. After all, you have your business to run and dealing with delinquent accounts can be draining on your resources, time and patience.
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  • Wills - pen and glasses

    I'm Not Happy with My Late Parents' Will - What Are My Options?

    by | Aug 19, 2015 |
    This is an increasingly common concern, particularly when parents have re-married and perhaps had children with their new spouses. However, it is not always the case that parents have ‘cut out’ their children, often they have failed to update their wills to take into account changes in circumstances, written a will that is not formally valid (as is sometimes the case with a ‘home-made’ will) or not written a will at all.
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  • Family - socks in bed

    Choosing a Family Lawyer

    by Patrick Mulcare | Aug 17, 2015 |
    Few people consult a family lawyer before they need to do so and, for that reason, the process of choosing one to support and represent you at a difficult and stressful time can feel rather rushed.
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  • Alarm Clock

    New EAT Case on Whether On-Call or Standby Time may be Working Time

    by Philomena Price | Jul 13, 2015 |
    There are special rules relating to the National Minimum Wage dealing with time spent “on call” or on “standby” outside normal working hours, or overnight when they are permitted to sleep on or off an employer’s premises, but are otherwise available for work when required. Workers have been held to be working (and therefore entitled to the minimum wage) while relaxing at home, or even while sleeping.
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