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  • Pets and Divorce

    Divorce – who keeps the pets

    by | Apr 16, 2018 |
    The UK is a nation of pet owners, and many owners consider their pets as a member of the family. It comes as no surprise then, that when a relationship breaks down, arguments about who should keep the beloved family pet can arise, adding more emotional stress and tension to an already difficult time.
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  • Employment contract

    Termination Payments – changes to the law from 6 April 2018

    by Philomena Price | Mar 28, 2018 |
    Either an employer or an employee can notify the other of termination of employment by giving notice. Once given, the employee will usually work a period of notice in accordance with their employment contract, and be paid accordingly.
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  • Equality Act and employment

    Does a “pre-cancerous” condition count as a disability in the workplace?

    by Philomena Price | Mar 28, 2018 |
    In the recent case of Lofty v Hamis, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (the “EAT”) found that a “pre-cancerous” condition – namely lentigo maligna – was deemed to be a disability under the Equality Act 2010.
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  • Sale Agreed sign

    Residential Conveyancing Guide for First Time Buyers

    by David Inch | Mar 23, 2018 |
    Buying your first home can be a daunting experience. Getting a handle on what you’re meant to do, and when, can feel like a bit of a mountain to climb, especially when you’ve never done it before. We have put together a handy guide on the conveyancing process for first time buyers, so that you can get to grips with what you need to do, what to expect and to better understand the entire process, from start to finish.
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  • 300 pound cheque image

    Regional law firms offer the right result at the right price

    by Anis Waiz | Mar 20, 2018 |
    The cost of professional services can often be a decisive factor when any business or consumer seeks advice. Whether that be legal, or business related. The traditional hourly rate being replaced in some cases by fixed fees. Consumers shop around and often but not always seek to instruct lawyers by reference to price.
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  • Warning for all litigants in person

    by | Mar 20, 2018 |
    The Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by a litigant in person (LIP) for special treatment in applying the rules of Court as to service of proceedings. This leaves the LIP having to commence proceedings again, but on the facts of this case the proceedings have been time barred and the LIP left without redress.
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  • Employment 2018

    Employment Law in 2018

    by Philomena Price | Feb 19, 2018 |
    Philomena Price, Employment Director, has put together an article about some of the key things to watch out for in 2018...
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  • Help to Buy ISA

    Budget 2017: Stamp Duty Relief for First Time Buyers

    by Sharandeep Chhabra | Feb 16, 2018 |
    If you are a first time buyer looking to get onto the property market, then this is the best time to do so. With most of the first time buyers that I have assisted over the years, stamp duty has been an additional burden to consider for them.
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  • money - notes and coins

    The Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims – 4 Months On

    by Pete Gardner | Feb 15, 2018 |
    Back in October 2017, the Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims (“PAP”) was launched to very little fanfare. PAP is part of the Civil Procedure Rules which govern how parties deal with litigation claims through the County Court and is the first time that strict rules have been put in place for pre-action conduct on a debt matter. I wrote an article about PAP at the time to explain the ins and outs of it.
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  • Liquidation Stamp

    What Carillion’s demise should tell us all

    by Petra van Dijk | Feb 12, 2018 |
    Much has already been said about the demise of Carillion and the impact of its liquidation on the various parties with whom it contracted. In this article, Petra van Dijk would like to examine what light the demise of Carillion throws on themes commonly encountered within insolvency and whether there are lessons to be learned for everyone.
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