David Barton

Marketing Manager

David Barton joined  Spratt Endicott in September 2018 as Marketing Manager

David joined Spratt Endicott from the corporate events and conferences industry, where he spent 7 years as an Events Producer and Portfolio Manager on international conferences.

David has an undergraduate degree in History and International Relations and a Masters Degree in Global Security.

Case Studies

Debt Recovery: Security Industry

Richard Gwynne had previously acted for a large client in the security industry whilst at his former employers. In 2017 Richard put forward a proposal to the Litigation Management Team at the client for the recovery of both their terminated accounts and their live accounts.

The proposal centred around the ability to

  1. Handle volume accounts
  2. Apply differing flow matrix to each dynamic of account
  3. Focus on pre-legal collection with the ability to only issue proceedings with the application of specific criteria.

The challenge with the client debt portfolio was that the average debt amount was relatively small and the legal costs of issue proceedings and enforcing a CCJ were not cost effective. The two incumbent panel solicitors had not managed to find the correct balance between issuing too many non-cost effective sets of proceedings and issuing none at all. Richard provided a solution which would satisfy the needs of the business and find an acceptable recovery rate.

The solution revolved around the ability to apply specific criteria to each debt. The team at Spratt Endicott would examine each debt and at the end of the pre-legal collections cycle we would put forward a solution based on several different criteria:

  1. The value
  2. Any contact
  3. Land registry results
  4. Trace Enquires

Each of these would be applied in a strict order of importance and it was only those debts satisfying the criteria that would be eligible for County Court Proceedings.

Of course, the ultimate test would be to look back at this qualifying debts and apply a “costs incurred –v- costs recovered” test. The results were very satisfying and in late 2019 Spratt Endicott were advise by the In House Team at the client that they had out performed all other incumbent panel members. The reward for this performance was that Spratt Endicott were asked to deal with all debt recovery work for the client which effectively doubled the case load.

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