Children - Contact and Residence Issues

The impact of divorce and separation on children has been widely reported. To us, helping parents find amicable and workable solutions to disputes regarding their children is essential. Put simply: “contact” refers to a child seeing someone who they don’t live with; “residence” means who that child lives with. 

We can also assist with specific concerns regarding children, such as a dispute over a holiday, a change of name or a choice of school.

What approach does Spratt Endicott recommend to these disputes?

Spratt Endicott advocates the assistance of mediation or family therapy where such an approach is appropriate and can avoid the need for Court proceedings.  Where matters cannot be resolved by agreement, we will assist with the practicalities and guide you through the Court process.

Spratt Endicott offers a fully-managed service to provide you with as much or as little legal support as you may require either in negotiating arrangements concerning children or dealing with matters through the court.

Helping parents focus on their children’s needs

We provide our clients with a copy of the Government-produced Parenting Plan and useful documentation published by Resolution. This can help parents review how they approach disputes with their former partner, enabling them to focus on their children’s needs.

Getting in Touch

For more information or if you are experiencing any difficulties relating to organising arrangements for your children or grandchildren email Patrick Mulcare or Gemma Davison Alternatively you can contact us by telephone on 01295 204000.