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When couples decide to live together, going through the process of preparing a Cohabitation Agreement may be a helpful way to consider aspects of their relationship which they may not have previously discussed in detail.

No couple moves in together expecting their relationship to fail but a Cohabitation Agreement can be a valuable document if that happens and may be used in subsequent negotiations or legal proceedings.

Unlike married couples, cohabiting couples do not have the clear guidance and assistance of the divorce process when they go their separate ways.

However, cohabiting couples may well have been part of a long-standing relationship similar in all respects to a marriage. When separating, cohabiting couples may have:

Cohabitation Agreements

Here at Spratt Endicott we believe in convenient and competitively priced legal solutions to your problems. You can either instruct us online or phone/email us for an appointment. Whichever method you choose to contact us, we are able to offer the right service to assist you to negotiate and draft a Cohabitation Agreement, providing you with as much or as little legal support as you may require in the process.

Our experience and expertise in Cohabitation Disputes

Our Family Law experts at Spratt Endicott are experienced in advising parties going through a dispute with a former partner and we try to make the process as efficient and non-contentious as possible.

We understand, however, that in certain circumstances it is important to defend our clients’ interests robustly. In these circumstances we work closely with our Dispute Resolution Department.

Spratt Endicott’s Fixed Fee Appointment, at £95 including VAT, helps a client going into a potential cohabitation dispute to determine their options going forward and allows us to advise them on the best practical and legal solutions.

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For more information on any aspect of Cohabitation Agreements please email Patrick Mulcare Alternatively you can contact us by telephone on 01295 204000.

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