Divorce Solicitors in Banbury, Bicester, Brackley, Buckingham - Marriage Separation

Going through a divorce can be a hard and complicated time for everybody involved. Spratt Endicott Solicitors aims to handle divorce cases delicately going through each process with the clients and discussing what the outcome may be. We offer our divorce services across Banbury, Bicester and their surrounding areas.

The divorce procedure

There is no requirement to deal formally with separation when married or unmarried couples go their separate ways. In England and Wales divorce is the recognised legal way to end a marriage.

Our costs

Spratt Endicott offers a fully managed divorce service to provide you with as much or as little legal support as you may require. Our costs for handling divorce cases vary according to the work required. Costs can be substantially reduced if the divorcing couple informally agrees the grounds to be pursued and instructs their solicitors accordingly.

Court fees are paid when a Divorce Petition is issued. It is possible to seek an Order that the party served with the Petition (the “Respondent”) pays the costs of the divorce, or an agreed contribution towards those costs.

For more information on any aspect of our Divorce services, please read our frequently asked questions page.

Fixed Fee Appointment

Spratt Endicott offers an initial Fixed Fee Appointment for £95, including VAT. This helps you consider your options informally and confidentially, with no commitment to take matters further until and unless you wish to do so.

Here at Spratt Endicott we believe in convenient and competitively priced legal solutions to your problems. That's why you can either instruct us online and complete our initial Divorce Petition questionnaire or phone/email us for an appointment.

Initial Divorce Petition Questionnaire 

Complete our Initial Questionnaire we will start helping you straight away. For more information please call us on 01295 204153 

FAQ - Divorce

  • How does the divorce process work?

  • Adultery

  • What is “unreasonable behaviour”?

  • Separated for some time?

  • Do I have to attend Court?

  • How long does a divorce take?

  • How much does it cost?

  • What about the finances?

  • Why should I seek legal advice?

Contact our Family Law team for more information on any aspect of our divorce services. Please email Patrick Mulcare, Banbury, on pmulcare@se-law.co.uk or Gemma Davison, based in Bicester, on gdavison@se-law.co.uk.  Alternatively you can contact us by telephone on 01295 204000.