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This includes applications for Non-Molestation, Occupation and Freezing Orders, and prevention of disposal of assets.

There may be times, either at the outset of a case or during the course of proceedings, when urgent action is required and an injunction may be appropriate.

About Domestic Abuse issues

Where there are domestic violence, abuse or harassment issues, it may be necessary to pursue a Non-Molestation Order requiring that behaviour to stop.  That may be linked to an application for an Occupation Order requiring the party causing the problem to leave the family home. Within such orders, certain conditions can be applied such as:

Financial matters

With financial matters, injunctions may be possible if:


In either case, an urgent application to the Court will be made (requiring payment of a Court fee). Once documentation is prepared, the matter should be addressed in Court very quickly (sometimes even the same day).

Investigating the situation and compiling the paperwork usually involves a considerable amount of work to be carried out at short notice.  This necessarily affects the costs you will pay.

Do you need assistance?

Time is often crucial with injunction applications, so if you need assistance of this nature contact us immediately.

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