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Are you happy with the way that the will looks after you? Do you think that the executor is failing to deal effectively with the estate? Are you as an executor have issues with a beneficiary?

At Spratt Endicott  we have years of experience assisting clients in matters relating to contentious probate. We understand what a stressful time it and be and are here to help.

Contesting a will

More and more people are looking into contesting a will, with many not even sure how to contest a will when they need to. This is particularly true with personal wealth increasing and family relationships no longer as straightforward as they once were.

Why can a will be contested?

A will can be contested for a number of different reasons, with disputes arising over how the will was formed, the structure of the will or trust, the administration of the will or personal disputes namely between the people involved, that being the executors, the trustees and the beneficiaries.

Unsurprisingly, when these disputes arise, they can puta great strain on executors and the beneficiaries as they not only disrupt the process but also bring with them, the cost of contesting a will.

With strict time limits for contesting a will being in place, Spratt Endicott can not only provide information about how to contest a will but can also provide swift, well thought out solutions for when these disputes do occur.

Cost of Contesting a will

The cost of a will or dealing with a disputed will, either if you are the executor or the beneficiary, is naturally a big concern for clients, but at Spratt Endicott we offer competitive fees for all of our services, meaning that you won’t pay over the odds for contesting a will. With every circumstance being unique, it can’t be determined straight away, how much an individual case will cost, but Spratt Endicott will work their hardest to see that you achieve justice at a cost that works for you.

In some cases, contesting a will is fundable by your home insurance policy. Due to their experience with contesting a will, Spratt Endicott will be able to liaise directly with home insurers to find out whether or not you are eligible for funding.


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