Selling a Property Checklist

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Download a PDF version of our handy checklists to the buying and selling process of conveyancing.


Whether you are a first-time buyer or have a portfolio of properties, at Spratt Endicott we want to ensure the conveyancing process for purchasing your property is as smooth and stress-free as possible. It is in the interests of a seller to collect as much relevant information about the sale property as possible. This will include any necessary planning permissions, building regulation approvals and completion certificates, guarantees etc. Providing these to us as soon as you have sold your property is sensible, as the buyer will inevitably ask for them.

Here is a checklist to help you understand the key stages of the residential property selling process:

As soon as you decide to sell your property you will need to: 

  • forward to us all relevant guarantees and documents in respect of your property

When you accept an offer to sell your property, we will:

  • obtain your title deeds
  • prepare a contract and send it to the solicitor acting for your buyer
  • deal with any negotiations or queries raised by your buyer’s solicitor
  • make sure you have signed the contract and it is held by us

You will need to:

  • complete and return the following forms supplied by us: Property Information Form; Overriding Interests Questionnaire; Fitting and Contents Form
  • allow access to your property to the buyer’s surveyor/valuer
  • make provisional removal arrangements

When contracts are exchanged we will:

  • fix the completion date
  • receive the buyer’s deposit on your behalf
  • request a final repayment figure from your lender
  • prepare a completion statement (financial summary) for you
  • make sure you have signed the Transfer document and it is held by us

You will need to:

  • make arrangements with the buyer for the handover of your keys (usually via your estate agent)
  • confirm your removal arrangements now that a definite moving date is fixed
  • arrange for meter readings to be taken on the day you move out

On completion we will:

  • receive payment for your property from your buyer’s solicitor
  • deal with the repayment of your mortgage
  • pass the title deeds to the buyer’s solicitor
  • pay your estate agent's fees
  • pay you any sum remaining (if these funds are not needed to purchase another property)

You will need to:

  • cancel your building insurance
  • vacate the property on the day of completion at an agreed time

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