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Spratt Endicott are highly experienced Wills and probate solicitors and, whatever your situation, we always endeavour to reach the best possible outcome, providing a level of service that is second-to-none. This section of the website provides information on what Wills and probate lawyers do and in which circumstances you may need legal assistance, as well as providing an indication of Will writing costs and how the process of probate works.


The belief that when you die your assets will automatically pass to your nearest and dearest can be erroneous. If you die intestate (without a Will) your estate will be distributed in accordance with the intestacy rules and may finish up being given to people you may not wish to have benefit.

Writing a Will can ensure the security of your loved ones, if you have children you can make sure they are looked after by the people chosen by you and also secure their financial future. In some cases, if you don't write a will it could cause hardship and suffering for your family, and legal costs.

Wills ensure peace of mind for the future of your family. Spratt Endicott’s Wills Solicitors can help you write your Will, looking into all aspects, including the division of property, executors and trustees, as well as power of attorney. As experienced Will solicitors, we will discuss all your needs and put any worries you have at rest. We provide a Wills preparation service to clients across the UK from our Banbury location.

Please click here for an estimated cost estimate of writing a Will with Spratt Endicott Solicitors.


Probate is the way in which a person’s estate is distributed when they pass away. If a Will is written, then an executor is appointed and a probate lawyer will assist them in applying for probate and estate administration. In some cases, the executors choose not to act and are not legally required to; sometimes probate lawyers are named as executors, but it is generally a family member and a beneficiary of the Will.

Probate law can be quite complicated and overwhelming when you're grieving, so many executors ask the probate lawyer to help apply probate and administration.

Our qualified probate lawyers and solicitors can help advise you in how to apply for probate, and what to do in cases where an executor does not wish to act in this role. Our legal services will help ease the burden of the probate process and offer advice in situations where no Will is written and where there are family disagreements.

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